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Cloud Auto-sanitization Robot

Cloud Ginger Lite K300
Cloud Auto-sanitization Robot

Sanitization and Epidemic Prevention | Multi-Function | Cloud Brain | Digital Twin

Sterilization Rate>99.99%

360° sterilization, atomized particles <10μm; able to kill coronavirus, flu, HFMD and other viruses in 5-10s.

Integrated Auto Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance

Based on SLAM+VSLAM fused positioning and navigation as well as 3D semantic map, the equipped multiple sensors
enable it to run stably in complex scenarios with 3D enviorment percepetion.

Multiple Robots Collaboration and Scheduling in Cloud Brain

Cloud operation supports prescheduling/timing/timely disinfection, fualt alarms and etc.
Intelligent scheduling according to task priority to ensure orderly operation

Digital twin Strategizing in the Cloud

Digital twin operation center in Cloud Brain assues safe operation, and optimized decision-making.
Robot management based on multiple sensor data and advanced AI algorithm.

Intelligent Anthropomorphic Interaction

The cloud brain HARIX, integrated with multimodle AI, is able to support a variety of robotic AI services,
and realized multi-functional services such as reception, guidance, consulting and marketing,etc.

Internet of Things and More Expansion

Optional gates and elevator control modules support auto entrence to gates and elevators; atomizing
nozzles replaceable to meet various disinfection needs.


The 22L large-capacity disinfection container, be able to cover 25,000㎡ without refilling, provide epidemic prevention and
disinfection in large spaces such as airports, subways, shopping malls, and quarantine cabins,etc.

Application Scenarios