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Cloud Indoor Multi-function Delivery Robot

Cloud Ginger Lite D Series
Cloud Indoor Multi-function Delivery Robot

Integrated Auto Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance

Based on SLAM+VSLAM fused positioning and navigation as well as 3D semantic map,
the equipped multiple sensors enable it to run stably in complex scenarios with 3D enviorment percepetion.

Cloud Scheduling and Multi-machine Collaboration

Based on the cloud communication and algorithm architecture, rapid decision-making and intelligent scheduling
are carried out according to the urgency of the task to ensure the orderly operation of multiple robots.

IoT, Multiple Robots and Elevators Collaboration

By interconnecting with IoT devices such as elevators, access control, turnstiles, and telephones,
Ginger Lite can provide accurate delivery services hall-to-floor, floor-to-floor autonomously.

Anthropomorphic Man-robot

Digital twin operation center in Cloud Brain assues safe operation,optimized
decision-making and robot management based on multiple sensor,data,
as well as advanced AI algorithm.

Call Up the Robot

Login to the applet and click "call up the robot" to summon the robot to
the location with one click to start the private and exclusive delivery

Interactive Advertisement

Able to play ads, musics, and talk shows during delivery. Customized interactive
Ads promot value-added services during cruise mode. Food and drinks
delivery/pick up for self-service during events.

Smart Reception

Greeting, usher, reception, hotel room service and luggage delivery for guests.

Digital Twin Strategizing in the Cloud

Digital twin operation center in Cloud Brain assues safe operation, and optimized decision-making.
Robot management based on multiple sensor data and advanced AI algorithm.

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