Cloud AI Connecting to the Future of Smart Robots

2022-2023 New Explorations

  • Approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology to build a " New Generation of National Cloud Robot AI Open Innovation Platform", Dataa Robotics has become the first "artificial intelligence + robot" national team company.

  • Dataa Robotics successfully hosted HARIX GDC of 2022, aspiring to build the ecosystem for the whole service robots industry.

  • Dataa Robotics released the cloud robot operating system HARIX OS 5.0, the humanoid intelligent robot Cloud Ginger2.0, and the Smart Compliant Actuator SCA2.0.

  • Dataa Robotics successfully hosted 2023 GDC and HARIX AGI Platform Launch Event.

  • Dataa Robotics was on the list of 84 startups with the most social influence in China selected by Fortune in 2022.

  • Dataa Robotics filed over 2000 patent applications, ranking top 1 for cloud robot patent in the world.

  • Dataa Robotics won the "24th China Patent Excellence Award".

  • The application case of "RobotGPT Multimodal Large Model Empowering Thousands of Industries" won the "Intelligence Empowers Industries" Award of the year 2023 for AI Integrated Development and Security Application Typical Case【Pioneer Category】.

  • Dataa Robotics was honored with the "Most Internationally Influential Chinese Brand" award.

  • Huang Xiaoqing was honored with the the "Magnolia Silver Award" of Shanghai.

  • Dataa Robotics was ranked in the "2023 Sharp Company Top 100 List."

  • Dataa Robotics launched the first robot large model --- RobotGPT.

  • The humanoid bipedal robot -- XR4 "Xiao Zi” made her debut.

2020-2021 Anti-Covid Pioneer

  • The global headquarters of Dataa Robotics is officially set up in Shanghai, deeply cultivated in the Yangtze River Delta, reaching the world wide markets.

  • Dataa Robotics launched the cloud robot operating system (HARIX OS).

  • Cloud Ginger XR-1 won China Red Star Design Award.

  • Dataa Robotics won the award of "The world's Top 30 AI Startup Companies" granted by Synced Machine Intelligence Awards.

  • The "Intelligent Quarentine Cabin hospital Platform" of Dataa Robotics won the Innovation Award of 2020 Jintan Maoshan Summit.

2018-2019 Focus of World Attention

  • Dataa Robotics was established in Shanghai. Array of Products were commercialized.

  • Ginger XR-1 made its world debut as the most dexterous humanoid robot commercially available.

  • Dataa Robotics won the first prize of "Blooming Cup“ 5G Application Competition.

  • Dataa Robotics won the "Top 50 List of China Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Growth Enterprises in 2018".

  • Dataa Robotics rounded out the Top AI 100 list of Synced Machine Intelligence Awards.

2016-2017 AI Unicorn

  • Cloud intelligent robot operation platform was launched.

  • Bill Huang, CEO of Dataa Robotics, became the first Chinese enterprise technology leader to get the "IEEE CQR Chairman Award".

  • Dataa Robotics was officially awarded the first batch of "Zhongguancun Frontier Technology Enterprise".

  • Dataa Robotics became "5G Joint Innovation Partner of China Mobile".

  • Dataa Robotics was selected as the world's strongest AI innovation company by CB Insights.

  • Dataa Robotics ranked # 5 in "Global Artificial Intelligence Start-up Company" by CrunchBase.

  • Dataa Robotics was listed in the "Top25 most competitive AI start-ups in China".

2015 Establishment of Dataa Robotics

  • Dataa Robotics was officially founded as the creator, manufacturer and operator of Cloud Robots.

  • Won the "No. 5 Global Artificial Intelligence Start-up Company".