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Cloud Brain (HARIX)

Cloud Brain (HARIX)

Human-augmented & Artificial Robotic Intelligence with Extreme Reality

The ingenious integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence (HI) to provide
efficient cloud AI services for robots and smart devices。

Cloud Brain Operation Architecture

Multi-modal RobotGPT Cloud Intelligent Service

RobotGPT (Robot Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an interactive generative AI large model provided to realize the
multi-modal behavior of robots in complex scenarios. Based on the multi-modal transformer algorithm, it conducts robot behavior
training in HARIX digital twin world, empowering robots with more powerful autonomous cognition, intelligent decision-making and
behavioral expression. In addition, it can continuously prompt learning based on reinforcement learning from human feedback to
achieve intelligent leaps forward, so that the robots connected to the cloud brain can not only conduct natural language dialogue
and communicate like human, but also work like human, such as welcoming guests, guiding, delivering goods, patrol, interactive
communication, accompanying, human-machine collaboration, etc. and even artistic creation (such as writing songs, poems,
dance movements, etc.). It will help the development of smart cities, smart agriculture, smart health care, high-tech intelligent
manufacturing, smart education and other industry applications. With the RobotGPT capabilities, cloud robots will become
the best carrier of general artificial intelligence.

Cloud Brain Intelligent Service

Integrated with AI capabilities such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and motion intelligence to provide intelligent services for robot operation.

Computer Vision

Face Recognition, Object Recognition, and Scene Recognition

Natural Language Processing

Intelligent Q&A based on transfer learning, accurate multi-intent based on deep learning, semantic analysis, sentiment analysis, powerful knowledge graph library, and full voice interaction

Motion and Behavior Intelligence

Autonomous robot movement and intelligent grasping of objects based on visual detection feedback.

Open Access to Third-party AI Capabilities

Combining multiple AI capabilities

Application Scenarios

Robot Service

Smart Elderly Care

Digital Twin City