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Cloud Pepper

Cloud Pepper

Excellent emotional service robot
Human shape | Human voice | Human nature

Listen in the front

The microphone array on the head of Cloud Pepper can recognize Chinese, English, and many other voices,
locate the sound source and keep communicating with you face to face at all times.

Skilled in rhetoric

With the Human-augmented intelligent platform HARIX, Cloud Pepper can conduct more natural voice interactions.
Ten-million-level knowledge base and network information can all be called by cloud AI.

Exquisite sense of sight

The intelligent vision of Cloud Pepper can recognize people, objects, and the environment.

Agile in actions

With cameras and sensors all over the body, Cloud Pepper can scan the surrounding environment
on its own, perform map construction and positioning through cloud AI, as well as complete route
planning and visitor guidance.

Medical Assistant Solutions

Information Consultant | Smart Inquiry | Video Call | Daily Care | Antiepidemic Broadcast