Cloud AI Robots Family

Cloud Ginger

Cloud AI Service Robot based on Smart Joints(SCA)
Autonomous Movement| Dexterous Fingers| Serving the Public

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Cloud Ginger Lite D Series

Cloud Indoor Multi-function Delivery Robot
Efficient Delivery| Multi-Function|Cloud Brain |Digital Twin

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Cloud Patrol

Cloud AI Patrol Delivery Robot
Anti-epidemic Delivery| Security Patrol| Mobile Operation
Carrier Delivery Service

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Cloud Ginger Lite K300

Cloud Auto-sanitization Robot
Sanitization and Epidemic Prevention | Multi-Function
Cloud Brain Digital Twin

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Cloud Robot Operating System

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Cloud AI Digital Human
"Face to face" Real-time Interactive Communication
Immersive Scene Communication Experience

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Smart Compliant Actuator
Highly Integrated | High Safety | Standardized Flexible Intelligent Motion Joint

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Cloud Field Patrol-EV

Cloud AI Field Patrol Robot

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Cloud Cleaning

Cloud Operation | Autonomous Navigation | Cleaning and Disinfection | Long Working Hour

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Leading Core Technology


Efficient and secure cloud-based intelligent services for robots and smart devices through AI enhanced by human intelligence.


First multi-modal large model in Robotics


Secure, standard controller for robots to connect to the cloud brain efficiently.

Digital Twin

Simulate and emulate everything on and around robots to build a robot metaverse - digital twin of physical world robots live in.


Combined with 5G and blockchain authentication and other technologies to build a secure dedicated network for robots operation


Secure, standard controller for robots to connect to the cloud brain efficiently


Open cloud-based robotics application development tools, robot skills, robot simulation training and learning platform


Highly integrated, secure, standardized and smart compliant actuator (smart joint)

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Dataa Robotics

Dataa Robotics is the world-leading creator, producer and operator of cloud robot systems and services. Founded in 2015, Dataa Robotics has created a unique Cloud Robot Architecture based on the vision of "Cloud AI is the future of intelligent robots", and launched the HARIX Cloud AI Robot Operating System and end-to-end commercial services in 2017. With the mission of “Operating Smart Robots for People”, the company aims to lead the cutting-edge technologies development for building a humanoid robot for enterprise and families. Our cloud robots will help people to do dull, dirty, dangerous or demeaning (4D) work, and thus making people’s lives more enjoyable.

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